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Christmas Movies Actually

May 5, 2023

Kerry and Collin take a look at the Queen Latifah comedy "Last Holiday," which is actually a remake of an Alec Guinness comedy from 1950. Surprisingly, Robert Zemeckis served as executive producer on this film, which is about as simple and formulaic as a film can be, but its star makes it work (mostly). Why did it take 23 years to make this film? How come nobody talks about Christmas here? What's the best way to go skydiving? Also, another STACKED edition of the Blu-ray Gift Exchange as Kerry and Collin take a look at what's new in physical media from the month of April. 

Blu-ray titles covered:

Music Box Films:

"Full Time"


"Flashdance" 4K


"The Seventh Seal" 4K

Warner Bros:

"Cool Hand Luke" 4K

"Rebel Without A Cause" 4K

"The Maltese Falcon" 4K

Warner Archive:

"A Lion In the Streets"

"The Strawberry Blonde"

"Storm Warning"

"Safe In Hell"

"One Way Passage"