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Christmas Movies Actually

Apr 5, 2023

Have you ever wondered where those crazy Christmas songs come from? The ones you hear at the end of every episode of this show (as well as the intro)? Well, in honor of Record Store Day (April 22), Collin and Kerry take a look at Mitchell Kezin's very entertaining documentary "Jingle Bell Rocks" (2014), which examines the people who discover this music, the people who made it and the passion everyone has for it. Collin and Kerry talk about the songs they enjoy from the film, the collector mentality and even play a few snippets of music as well.  Plus, a stacked Blu-ray Gift Exchange segment to round out this celebration of physical media. 

Blu-ray Gift Exchange movies covered:

Music Box Films:

"Leonor Will Never Die"





"Mildred Pierce"

Warner Archive:

"Flamingo Road"


"The Prince and the Showgirl"

"I'll Cry Tomorrow"

"Neptune's Daughter"

"Confessions of A Nazi Spy"

Warner Bros:

"Rocky: The Knockout Collection"