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Christmas Movies Actually

Oct 5, 2023

Who doesn't love a good musical-zombie-Christmas movie? Kerry and Collin are joined by frequent guest Peter Sobczynski to talk about the 2017 horror-musical "Anna and the Apocalypse" and break down how it manages to mix vastly different tones into a tight 93 minutes. How different is the film today when viewed after the height of the real pandemic? How does this film compare to ther horror-based cult movie musicals? Will Collin and Kerry be able to master their Dudley Moore and Mary Tyler Moorse imitations on a future episode? All this, plus a robust Blu-ray Gift Exchange segment.

Movies covered on the Blu-ray Gift Exchange:




Poker Face - Season 1

Warner Bros. 

The Exorcist - 4K

Warner Archive:


Westward The Women

Cats Don't Dance


Cocaine Bear - 4K

Drafthouse Films:

The Youtube Effect

Music Box Films: