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Christmas Movies Actually

Dec 5, 2023

Ed Daly, author of "The Christmas Book," joins Kerry and Collin for a discussion on the 1988 classic comedy "Scrooged," starring Bill Murray. For Ed, it was a memorable childhood moviegoing experience. For Collin, it was a memorable teenage experience working at a movie theater at the time. For Kerry, it was a memorable cable TV staple. Does it hold up? Are the supporting actors actually funnier than Murray? What do we all remmeber about the films "Moving Violations" and "Pandemonium"? All this, plus a non-holiday related edition of the Blu-ray Gift Exchange. 

Ed Daly's book "The Christmas Book: The Ultimate Guide To Your Favorite Holiday"

Blu-ray movies covered:


"Scrooged" 4K

"Terms of Endearment" 4K

Warner Bros:

"A Christmas Story Christmas" DVD

"The Fugitive" 4K


"Jackie Chan: Emergence Of A Superstar" collection

Warner Archive:

"Rapa Nui"

"Looney Tunes: Collector's Choice, Vol. 2"

Music Box Films: 

"The Unknown Country"