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Christmas Movies Actually

Jan 5, 2023

Kerry and Collin start a new January tradition now that they've exhausted all the "Babes In Toyland" movies. The Nutcracker seems like the most obvious choice of films, starting here with the 1993 ballet vehicle for Macauley Culkin. Does he blend well with the other dancers? What's the difference between this and the hundred other Nutcracker productions that have been done over the decades? Do we prefer rats or mice in our battles? All this, plus the return of the Blu-ray Gift Exchange. Also, don't forget, there will now be two episodes a month, starting now. 

Blu-ray movies covered:

Lost Illusions (Music Box Films)

The Story Of Film: A New Generation (Music Box Films)

The Night of the Iguana (Warner Archive)

Attack of the 50ft. Woman (Warner Archive)